We focus on led profile/channel/Extrusion  and designed a wide range of extrusions, covers, end caps, fasteners and other accessories that enables the customer to customize and adjust to their individual needs

 Our production base located respectively in dongguan and Fo Shan. We focus on  led aluminum profile :Recessed  led profile , Surface Mounted Led profile, Corner Led profile ,Stair Led profile , Bendable led profile, suspension led  profile , Plaster-in led profile , floor led profile . glass led profile , stair led profile ,wall led profile , iled is forever developing new designs and evolving our component system based on our market research and feedback from some of our best customers and representatives. 

Our design minded staff at iled can always help you to understand and integrate our system into your everyday life. With varying backgrounds in technical and mechanical services and the willingness to help you create whatever your imagination can come up with while using our system, we know that ILED is your best choice for LED lighting integration. 

iled Company’s extended distribution network offers our products in many countries around the world: Uk, Gemany, Australia, Canada, brazil and the majority of countries throughout Europe. 


Why Iled lights  is your NO1 choice: 

Fast lead time 
We hold a large inventory of our components in our  warehouse and most orders are shipped in several days. 

High Quality 
Our extrusions are made with high quality double anodized aluminum and painted aluminum our covers are Certified and our LEDs have a 90+ CRI. All products are released after meeting quality   management examinations. 

Certified & Patented Products 
We are the innovators of LED extrusions on which we hold international patents and continue to produce new products which meet the high expectations of our customers. We also offer covers which are certified for UV and fire rated and unmatched by the competition. Our products are CE and ROHS Listed. 

Technical Support 
Customers receive technical support and a dedicated sales person to speak with. We are a business you can trust with a great reputation of customer service and superior products

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